Spiced Bath Tea
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Spiced Bath Tea

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A restorative blend of organic botanicals that create a cleansing infusion to alleviate muscular aches and boost circulation. Enhanced by a rich, spiced aroma this uplifting bath tea warms the body and eases tension while invigorating the spirit. A SOAK to relax and revitalise.
How To Use:
Empty half a jar into the reusable muslin bag. Pull the drawstring and place under hot running bath water. Swirl and squeeze while bathing to release the beneficial oils and aromas. Use as a compress to target specific areas, or use like a sponge to exfoliate the skin. Empty and wash the bag after use.
Organic cinnamon quills* Used in baths in many cultural traditions for centuries aswell as in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Rich in antioxidants, antiviral, a natural disinfectant and a cleansing astringent being a few of its natural properties. Also used to elevate the mood, sharpen the senses and invigorate the spirit with its warming quality making it ideal for winter months. 
Organic whole cloves* A skin toning cleanser assists in soothing and balancing the skin. Provides a comforting and warming scent.
    Organic arnica flowers* Typically used externally in herbal medicine for bruises, inflammation and joint pain due to its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. Believed to help increase circulation and reduce pain as it soothes tired, overstressed muscles.
      Organic calendula petals* Known in ancient cultures as the 'wound healing herb' due to its ability to speed up the healing process and prevent infection. Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antiseptic and anti-fungal make it essential to nourish and protect the skin while promoting cell repair. Acts gently even on delicate skin.
        Organic orange bergamot* Peel taken from the delicate orange bergamot imparts a sweet, fresh scent found useful in relieving stress and nervous tension. Has a refreshing, cleansing effect that purifies the skin and uplifts the spirit.
          *Certified organic ingredient
          Contents 42g
          If irritation occurs please discontinue use
          For external use only
          100% recyclable packaging

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