Rose Hydrating Mist
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Rose Hydrating Mist

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A LIGHTLY REFRESHING AND HYDRATING MIST SPRAY WITH A BEAUTIFUL, FRESH ROSE SCENT. A luxurious and refreshing tonic for dull, tired skin. Its nourishing properties make it an ideal toner for the skin infused with the calming, floral aroma of Rose petals. Spritz anytime to revitalise, or make it your ideal travelling companion.

How to use: Spritz onto the face when required to cool, calm and hydrate. Use with our Clay Masks to moisten before application for glowing skin. 
Organic Rose Otto Hydrosol*      Hydrosols are the aromatic water that remains after hydro distilling botanicals typically when producing essential oils. Our hydrosol is exclusively produced for its highly fragrant rose water and not derived as a bi-product from essential oil distillation, this means it has superior qualities and aroma. Can be used directly on the skin as it is gentler than essential oil. An essential toner to help retain moisture and revitalise the skin. Suitable for all skin types.   
    *Certified organic ingredient Contents 100ml We recommend patch testing before use For external use only Recyclable packaging

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