Pink Coconut Body Scrub
Pink Coconut Body Scrub
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Pink Coconut Body Scrub

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Allow the salt to gently exfoliate and deeply cleanse while the finest blend of oils increase hydration. A tropical polish that will leave a luscious sheen to the skin all with a delicious coconut and vanilla scent.  
How to use:
Mix contents well before each use. Apply and massage to wet skin avoiding delicate eye area and any broken skin. Rinse off and pat dry. Avoid water contacting jar contents. Please take care when stepping out of the shower or bath after use, the oil content may make the surface slippery.  
Natural fine Himalayan pink salt Considered one of the world's purest salts unique to the Himalayan range and prized for containing 84 minerals and trace elements essential for wellbeing. Used as an exfoliant it ensures a natural method to remove dead, flaky skin, increase circulation and stimulate cell rejuvenation without irritating the skin. Results in clean, healthy skin left feeling silky smooth. Our Himalayan pink salt is hand mined with a percentage of the profits fed back into Himalayan community projects. 
Certified organic ingredient 
Contents 240g
We recommend patch testing before use
For external use only  
Recyclable packaging

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